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about our Watershed

The Deer Creek-Sugar Creek Watershed includes drainages of three tributaries to the Wabash River: Deer Creek, Sugar Creek, and Buck Creek

Deer Creek begins north of Kokomo, Indiana and flows west through Miami, Cass, Howard, and Carroll Counties before emptying into the Wabash River in Delphi. Sugar Creek rises west of Flora, flowing west through Carroll and Tippecanoe Counties before entering the Wabash River near Americus. Buck Creek follows a similar path south of Sugar Creek. A small stretch of the Wabash River (River Mile 330 to 319) is included in in this planning process as is the northeast corner of the City of Lafayette and Prophetstown State Park.

The Deer Creek-Sugar Creek Watershed is primarily agricultural with 83%  of the 345 square mile watershed in row crop agriculture. A majority of the land is privately owned and in a corn-soybean rotation. The watershed is home to more than 100 confined feeding operations and includes several small towns: Delphi, Camden, Flora, Galveston and Americus.

Deer Creek-Sugar Creek Watershed Management Plan